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Visitor Guidelines

I know you're excited about coming to meet your new best friend, and honestly I'm excited too! I love showing off my beautiful babies just as much as you enjoy coming to see them. They are a reflection of me, and I'm proud of the hard work, dedication, and love I put into each and every puppy, and sharing them with others is just one of the many rewards. Unfortunately in the midst of all the joy and excitement there comes certain dangers that I am responsible for protecting my furbabies and family from.

As we all know, this is not a perfect world that we live in. There is sickness, disease and just plain "bad" people that want to cause heartache and harm to others. When coming to meet, visit and/or pick up your precious new best friend and family member I do have certain rules and guidelines that I ask visitors to follow. These guidelines are intended to protect my puppies, myself and my family (all furbabies included), and all visitors are kindly asked to be respectful of them.

  1. For obvious reasons as stated above, absolutely no one is allowed into the main living area of my home. I provide a very comfortable and relaxed area for visitors to meet and interact with the puppies, puppy parents, and enjoy watching them play. No, I am NOT trying to "hide" anything, like alot of people and internet articles suggest. I just don't take any chances with exposing my young puppies to possible virus and disease that can be unknowingly bought in on shoes and clothing. My home is also where me and my family live. We don't have much, but what we do have I consume a responsibility of protecting. If I wanted to hide something I wouldn't allow visitors at all! Any breeder that opens up their home to anyone that's wanting to see puppies is very irresponsible in my opinion.

  2. Young unvaccinated puppies can be seen, but NOT handled. This also includes their mom. The handling of mom or just one puppy is exposing the entire litter to possible disease and virus. However unintentional, it can happen.

  3. Young children are not allowed to pickup the puppies. I know how excited children can be, I raised 3 of my own. If they would like to hold a puppy, I require them to be calmly seated and have someone place the puppy in their arms and lap.

  4. The "you break it, you buy it" policy is fully enforced. Any injury caused to one of my puppies or parents by visitors will result in purchase, as well as any veterinary or medical cost involved due to the injury. Please be aware that startled or excited puppies will jump.

  5. I am truly sorry, but I do not provide a public restroom, for the same reason as number 1 above. There is a Dollar General at the corner, less than 3 miles from my home, that has nice clean public restrooms. Please make a quick stop there. All you have to do is ask them for the key.

  6. I do not, under any circumstances, leave my puppies unattended with visitors. I cannot recall the number of reports I have read about stolen puppies due to owners being lured or distracted.

  7. Even though this doesn't apply to any safety concern, I do ask visitors to please be on time. I keep very busy and have lots to accomplish some days, and I schedule my day around visitor appointments. I completely understand traffic and other unexpected things can delay your arrival, but please be courteous and simply text or give me a call. Arriving 30 minutes early or 30 minutes late without letting me know does impact my schedule, as well as others that may have appointments before or after you.