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Shih Tzu Colors

I am constantly amazed at all the color combinations that are produced by the Shih Tzu. No two are ever the same! That is one of the things I like so much about this breed!

To determine what color a Shih Tzu is you must start with the nose.
The dilute colors Liver and Blue cannot have a black nose. Regardless of coat color, a Liver colored nose indicates a Liver Shih Tzu, and a blue nose indicates a Blue Shih Tzu. The colors of Liver and Blue can vary from light to dark.

  • Black Nose: Black nosed Shih Tzu's color is determined by the coat color.
  • Liver Nose: A dog is considered a Liver if the shade of nose is in the brown color pallet. This can range from dark chocolate to light cream. Their coats can be any shade in this range. Liver's have the most amazing eyes!!
  • Blue Nose: The rare Blue Shih Tzu's nose can be from dark navy blue to light lavenders and every shade in between. This is also true of their coats; they can have dark steel gray to light cream.
The only way a dog is considered Liver or Blue is by the color of their nose! NOT the color of their coats or the color of their skin!

Color Examples:

  • Black Nose
    • Black
    • Black and White
    • Gold
    • Gold and White
    • Red
    • Red and White
    • Brindle
    • Brindle and White
    • Black and Tan
    • Silver
    • any color above w/Black Mask
  • Liver Nose
    • Cream Liver
    • Chocolate Liver
    • Milk Chocolate Liver
    • Dark Chocolate Liver
    • Red Liver
    • Orange Liver
    • Milk Chocolate Liver and White
    • Dark Chocolate Liver and White
    • Chocolate Liver and White
    • Orange Liver and White
    • Red Liver and White
    • Cream Liver and White
  • Blue Nose
    • Blue and White
    • Cream Blue
    • Cream Blue and White
    • Smokey Blue
    • Slate Blue
    • Solid True Blue