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Benefits of Dog Massage

  • Massage helps open the blood vessels and improve blood circulation, maintaining your pets well-being and expediting recovery.
  • Massage techniques may be used to reduce stress on a nervous or anxious dog.
  • Spending time touching your companion helps to strengthen the human-animal bond.
  • Using your hands with palpation techniques can help you discover potential abnormalities in your dog.

EARS - The ears of your dog are like a reflection of their overall physique. Massaging the ear and ear flaps will relax and invigorate their entire body.

HEAD - Massaging the dogs head will help relax the dog. Pay particular attention to the temples and areas around the eyes. Pressure points around the eye are associated to the stomach, bladder and gallbladder.

BACK - Massaging the back, on both sides of the spine just above the stomach, will relieve pain associated with stomach illnesses and vomiting.

FRONT LEGS/ELBOW - Working in the crease, behind your dogs elbow, will help them cope with infections and allergies.

BACK TOES - Many energy pathways throughout the body begin or end on the sides of your dogs toes. Massage each toe or the entire foot for all over well-being.


  1. Use a steady hand and consistent speed to avoid creating stress.
  2. Massage in a relaxed environment, away from external stresses and other dogs.
  3. Start with light pressure and if the dog is comfortable, only then should you apply more.

*Contact your veterinarian or canine massage specialist before attempting advance techniques on your dog.