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Breeders are now faced with concerns of how to place puppies while keeping ourselves and potential buyers safe from COVID-19. I have always had safety measures in place, but it's now gone above and beyond the routine normal. These are my guidelines, as well as those issued by AKC. This is what you can expect when coming to meet and pick up your puppy from me.

  • Please wear a mask!
  • I avoid any and all personal contact and I practice safe distancing.
  • I provide hand sanitizer that I ask all vistors to use PRIOR to touching anything, including puppies.
  • My visitation area is thoroughly sanitized before and after each visitor with special attention paid to all touchpoints.
  • I ask that the puppies be handled to a MINIMUM, as they are "touchpoints". Please only handle the puppy your coming to meet and plan on taking home with you.
  • No more than 3 visitors at any given time.
  • PLEASE be on time and keep your visit to a timeframe of around 30 minutes. Please alert me via phone call or text, if due to unforeseen reasons you're going to be either early or late. I set aside 2 days a week for visitors and appointments are scheduled at 1 hour intervals. Puppies get tired and need to rest, and I also need time between visits to clean and sanitize.
  • Unfortunately, I can no longer provide snuggle blankets with scent of mom and littermates for obvious reasons. It defeats the purpose once the blanket is washed.
  • I kindly ask that anyone with a cough, runny nose, sneezing, fever, etc (even if it's just allergies) remain at home or stay in the vehicle.
  • I kindly ask that anyone who may have been around someone with COVID-19 or exposed to COVID-19, remain at home or stay in the vehicle.

My apologies in advance, yet these practices are necessary for your protection as well as mine!