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FYI - Important Notes

Just a few things to make note of about me. This is NOT intended to be rude and I apologize if it appears that way. I'm simply being direct and to the point. I'm actually a very easy going, kind and hard working person that just so happens to love my dogs and puppies, and take my responsibility of protecting them very seriously.

  1. If you are looking for a $200 or $300 (i.e. Cheap) puppy you will not find that here. My prices are NOT negotiable! I put way too much into my puppies and my prices reflect their quality and care. There are plenty of unethical breeders that sell poor quality and/or unhealthy puppies who provide no care for their adults and puppies. They will gladly sell you a small dog cheap.
  2. I decide where my pups go, not you. I reserve the right to refuse and/or cancel sale to anyone I do not feel would provide a healthy and happy environment for one of my puppies.
  3. I prefer my puppies to go to loving pet homes, so unless stated otherwise in an individual puppy description, all of my puppies are priced and sold without registration (otherwise referred to as Pet Price). Registration is available under specific terms for an additional fee.
  4. I do not "HOLD" puppies. No puppy is considered sold until a deposit has been placed and received. Deposits can easily be sent immediately via credit/debit card or Paypal.
  5. Your puppies "ready" take home date could change if I feel that it's beneficial to the health and well-being of the puppy. I know you're excited but the health of the puppy is far more important to me.
  6. Deposits are NON-refundable unless puppy were to get sick or develop an illness or disorder while in my care.
  7. I will NOT sell any of my puppies just by emailing or texting. I will need to speak to you personally by phone! Text messages as initial contact may very well be ignored. I do utilize text to keep buyers updated on their puppy, answer questions and/or comments but ONLY after I have spoken with them via telephone and a deposit has been placed.
  8. I am NOT a pet store! (I cannot stress this enough!) This is my home where my family and I live, so puppies can be seen by appointment ONLY. I am a responsible in-home breeder that cares greatly about the health and well-being of my puppies and their parents. For the safety of my home, family, fur-parents and puppies, and also biosecurity, I don't allow people to simply stroll in and out of my home to pick out puppies and I will not sell to just anyone that has the money to buy.
  9. Effective immediately I have decided to no longer utilize a waiting list unless someone is interested in a litter that has already been born.